's survey: how affordable is insulin?

What is the price a patient would have to pay (if they paid the full price) for a 10 ml traditional vial of 100 IU/ml soluble human insulin injection (neutral, regular)? (translate)

Instructions: Go to a pharmacy. Ask the question above. Fill in the form.


Concentration (most will be 100 IU/ml)
Notes (if any) e.g. type / brand / other comments
City / region / town
Year Month

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Email: We will use your email - if you supply it - to thank you, check information if needed, let you know when we are updating the results, and perhaps ask you to collect more data. We will not use it for any other purpose and we will not share it with others.

Data: We use your IP address only to allow us to identify your country. We will anonymise and analyse the data, cross-check it for accuracy, map it to standard economic measures, and publish updated information regularly and at least every World Diabetes Day (November 14th).

Acknowledgements: The survey question is based on Health Action International's 2010 paper.

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