Help make insulin more available

The team that discovered insulin nearly 100 years ago gave away their rights so that insulin could be made available to all who needed it.

Why are we collecting data?

Today the commonest cause of death in children with Type 1 Diabetes is 'lack of access to insulin' (Gale 2006). Insulin is largely unaffordable and prices of a vial or regular insulin vary from US$1.55 in Iran to US$76.69 in Austria (2010 data). Lack of reasonably priced insulin threatens lives for the poor (WHO 2010). "The cost of a one-month course of intermediate-acting insulin ranged from 2.8 days’ wages in Brazil to 19.6 in Malawi" (Mendis 2007). We are gathering new data on insulin around the world. We will use this information to campaign for the removal of barriers that limit access to insulin.